Brooklyn Roads Magazine reviews "In All The Ways"


Editor’s Note: Dan Haedicke’s first-ever CD, In All the Ways, officially releases June 24, 2016 on Kwality Records (also not the assumed or conventional spelling) and he’s celebrating with an official album release shindig at Rockwood Music Hall’s (185 Orchard Street in Manhattan) Stage 3.

Guitarist Dan Haedicke’s last name may not be the easiest to pronounce (it’s Ha-dik), or spell for that matter, but the man sure has the chops to engage listeners with his melodic brand of jazz. Originally hailing from the nation’s capital, Haedicke later moved to New York, where he attended the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and graduated with a degree in Guitar Performance.

Dan has an additional New York connection and to Brooklyn in particular, through his work with soul singer Tondrae Kemp. Kemp whose album, Sun Money, was also a Kwality Records release, was the subject of Brooklyn Roads’ “Artists On Our Radar” last November.

/ photo courtesy of Kwality
A couple of years back, Dan formed the DH4, an ensemble that includes a gentleman on trumpet with the awesome name, Indofunk Satish. The quartet also includes Everett Boyd on bass and Doron Lev on drums. On the new disc, the quartet is joined by keyboardist Robert Knowles, Sean Schulich on flute, vocalist Sun Singleton, as well as Tondrae Kemp. Lakecia Benjamin also makes a guest vocalist appearance.

According to Dan’s CD liner note quote, he hopes listeners will find the tunes hummable. All seven tracks are original compositions written by Haedicke, although a couple are collaborations with two of his vocalist bandmates. Right off the bat, “Aquamarino,” grabs you with a lead-in combination of what sounds like whistles blowing and tropical birds singing, segueing into some excellent flute playing by Schulich, interspersed with upbeat, tasty guitar licks and lively drumming.

“Dajo,” starts off sounding a bit like the theme from Netflix hit series House of Cards and “If the Stars” is another memorable piece. “In All the Ways” is a groovy vocal track, highlighting Haedicke’s accomplished guitar playing. “October” is a funky strut, “Nola Shout” is a bit bluesy and “Fenix” rocks out to bring the disc to an upbeat close.

Track Listing:
1. Aquamarino
2. Dajo
3. In All the Ways (title track)
4. If the Stars
5. October
6. Nola Shout
7. Fenix

Review by Rob Rinderman
June 21, 2016
Source: Brooklyn Roads Magazine