Thu 2/20 - Davi x Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum's new Thursday evening series, Off the Wall will explore Afrofuturism through live music with an original performance by singer/songwriter and choreographer, Daví! The evening celebrates Wangechi Mutu's exhibit at the museum, "A Fantastic Journey".


The main show (at 7:30p), 'Daví's The Beginning of Everything eating' is a live musical, video, dance and theater piece hearkening many of the concepts in Wangechi Mutu's video piece, "The End of eating Everything". As the title of the show suggests, it is a re-imagining, an inversion of the video with a male (Daví) at the center. Using collage as the conceptual foundation for the design of the show, Daví will take the audience on an Afrofuturistic journey, in a series of 7 scenes, bumping into Afrofuturist notables such as Sun Ra, Parliament/Funkadelic and Grace Jones along the way; narrated by archivist/artist, Joyce LeeAnn ( This show will give the audience a new lens to view Wangechi Mutu's powerful work and furthermore a new perspective on how art can be used to spark internal conversation with community and the self.

The "End of eating Everything" video will be used during the show compliments of the Wangechi Mutu Studio.

The evening will also feature DJ Mursi Layne in the lobby, a performance in the lobby from - Saya Woolfalk, an Octavia Butler-inspired reading with Kiini Ibura Salaam, and a curator talk with Saisha Grayson on the special exhibition Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey.

If you buy a ticket in advance you will have guaranteed seat at the show, all others (who donate anything they wish the day of the show), will be seated after ticket holders are seated.


6:30 PM | Curator Talk
- Saisha Grayson coordinator of the Brooklyn Museum's "A Fantastic Journey" by Wangechi Mutu exhibit gives a talk

7:00-7:30 PM | Reading
- There will be a reading of Octavia Butler book excerpts to play on Mutu's evocation of Afrofuturism

7:30-8:30 PM | The Beginning of Everything Eating (Main Show)
- Daví’s magical-musical-theatrical performance, a collage of 7 exciting scenes of music, dance and theatre, pushing the limits of thought and imagination

Ongoing event throughout the evening | DJ Space
- DJ Mursi Layne will be spinning music in the opening pavilion, the space will serve as the pre-show and after party of the main show
- Drop-In Drawing Workshop lead by a teaching artist focusing on Wangechi Mutu’s collage technique

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