About.com's Best R&B/Soul Songs of 2012

About R&B/Soul's picks for the best singles of 2012, have a look below. About.com rated Tondrae's song "Say if you want me to leave" the #17 best r&b/soul song of the year! Look for that video in bout 30 days! :-)

The Cream of the Crop ... 
By Mark Edward Nero, About.com Guide 

As these words are being written, 2012's almost over, so it's time to take a look back at the best R&B and Soul singles that were released during the year. Most of the names that made the about.com list are established superstars, like Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Monica and Usher. But there's also a few lesser-known and underappreciated singers on the list too, like Tank, Leela James and Frank Ocean.

 R&B/Soul crooner Tondrae Kemp's "Say If You Want Me to Go," from his superb Sun Money album, is a smooth yet urgent relationship tune that slickly and deftly merges funk and hip-hop.