Soulbounce: Tondrae Kemp Is Looking All Over For 'Happiness'

Though we may not all want the exact same things out of life, there's one common goal that we are all in search of: happiness. Since the beginning of time, the pursuit of happiness has made folk do some downright foolish stuff. Let the good Reverend Al Green tell it, happiness is one of those things that'll make you do wrong (love being the other one, of course). Regardless of the price one may sometimes pay for obtaining happiness, it does little to stop us from searching for it. Singer Tondrae Kemp brings his search to the forefront in his latest, the aptly-titled "Happiness."
The first single from his new album, Sun Money, the song encapsulates all of the frustrations that can arise when on the hunt for the ever-elusive state of being. Bluesy and gritty, Kemp morphs from the pursuer to the accuser as he takes happiness to task for remaining out of reach. And while we all know that complaining about something does little to ease the pain, it does take the edge off a bit to commiserate over some good music. The New Orleans native/Brooklyln transplant's album, Sun Money, is available on iTunes.

Ivory | 09/24/2012 at 11:00 AM | via Soulbounce