DC Examiner - Blastphumis' Release Party Review

Blastphumis SMOKE EP Release Party Review

DC Events Examiner
by Will Starks

April marks the release of the hip-hop artists Blastphumis "Smoke" EP by inviting Washington DC’s local hip-hop scene's biggest names to come out and play at Bohemian Caverns. There was a great vibe in the air, the kind you get walking onto the picnic grounds of your family reunion or the euphoria you feel when bump into an old friend whom hasn’t been seen in a while. Everyone was in great spirits all before the first song was even played. In its intimate capacity, many turned out in show of loyalty, support, and an overall love for genuine hip-hop, and good music. The headliner, Blastphumis brought forth his eagerly awaited solo EP. Honestly, any person with even a slightest interest in the genre of "storytelling" would have enjoyed something from this project. An understanding for Blastphumis musical mission of keeping real hip hop alive can definitely be found. Great production from Michael Awkward Silence Saltzman also proves to be a nice fit for some of the intricate wordplay.
At the listening party, guests enjoyed the usual sneak preview of the record and the chance for advance purchases. With a solid production, and energetic but most notable was the arrangement for many from the D.C. area hip-hop scene to come through and play some of their new material. Likeblood (Jazz in the Diamond District, BET & MTV Jams) featured their single "Money Over Here” with Bobby Valentino, from their forthcoming studio album, as Soul Canon, simply amazing, continued next. Something about their style, their sound took control, got the crowd involved, kept the energy alive and the momentum just right for Blastphumis to take center stage and bring things home.

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