BabySue's Review of Revelations' CD

The Revelations Featuring Tre' Williams - The Bleeding Edge

There has been a refreshing and impressive resurgence of genuine soul music over the past few years. For such a long period of time almost all black artists seemed to think that they had to incorporate elements of rap or hip hop into their music or they wouldn't have an audience. Thankfully we are now hearing from artists who think outside the box...artists like Tre' Williams and The Revelations.The Bleeding Edge is a slick album...super slick and polished...but the songs have the kind of soul and heart that was such an important piece of the puzzle for many of the great soul artists from the 1970s. This, the debut album from this Brooklyn, New York-based a straight shot of smooth hummable soul pop. The arrangements are thick and danceable...and the vocals are way up front in the mix. Fortunate, because Williams has a great voice that really makes these tunes cook. Fifteen keepers here including "Stay Free," "Let's Straighten This Out," "It's Too Late," and "Heavy Metal Blues." Cool and real.