Litt Magazine | Meet Billion

Who is Billion?

I'm an artist, through and through. Not only with what 'm working on musically but also some of my other projects in the works. I'm Hispanic, from Miami so I carry rhythmic blood in me. Living in New York has reinforced what I love about real hip-hop and I think that shows in pretty much every thing I do.

Which Hispanic artists have created opportunities for you to be able to create music?

Well we can go as far back as Hector Lavoe or Carlos Santana but I think in hip hop it would have to be trail blazers like Fat Joe. He's always been a big supporter of Hispanic people in hip-hop. Also more recently, it's good to see Joell Ortiz and Pitbull getting out there and doing their thing.

Who were some of your earlier influences coming from Miami?

I think specifically tied to Miami, I'd be doing a disservice to my city if I didn't mention JT Money and Trick Daddy. But other than them, back in the 90s when I was in Miami, I was listening to a lot of Wu-Tang, Jay-Z and The Beastie Boys.

What would you compare your style to?

I was talking to Dan about this the other day and I think we came up with a pretty good comparison. Bare in mind the comparison is mostly in execution and concept than it is in sound. I think I like to write a lot of party tracks but won't sacrifice lyrics at the expensive of making something catchy...I think I like to write a lot of party tracks but won't sacrifice lyrics at the expensive of making something catchy...much like Busta Rhymes or Ludacris do. I respect them for that because the can still get a club jumping while keeping lyrical integrity. I liken myself to them in that way and I hope that comes across with the new album SPF Dirty.

Tell Litt about the upcoming album?

Well, the exciting part about the new album is that we've been trying new and unique ways to promote it. Earlier this summer we started giving out free downloads to some of the track that just missed getting included on the album for one reason or another. Something to both promote the album and give back to the fans. We've also been shooting our own videos, the first of which will be out really soon. The album itself is a collection of bangers, perfect for any party. I produced a lot of the album myself, along with Dan Haedicke, so the beats are strong and have lots of southern flavor and I peppered that mix with my word play and punchline driven lyrics.

What are some of your other aspirations outside of hip-hop?

There's plenty but at the moment I'm executive producing an online video program that is a mix between an interview/profile show and a video magazine. I've been doing interviews with people from all walks of life and professions from photographers to rock bands to web designers and even a couple of astrophysicists. I'm having a lot of fun with it and it seems to be getting a bit of a buzz as it's been picked up by a website in London. The whole first season which is 16 weekly episodes.

Any last words?

Well I'd like to thank you and Litt Magazine for the interview. It's much appreciated and I look forward to seeing it when it posts. As always, I like to give a shout out to Dan Haedicke because a lot of this wouldn't be possible without his help and support and that of Kwality Records.

Let the readers also know where you can be reached?

They can check for music and up to date info on but to get at me directly and to hear about everything I do in all avenues they can follow me on twitter.

Via LITT Magazine (September 2009)