ON DA COME UP with J-Eye

J-EyeAside from creating good music an artist’s sound must be distinctively theirs. Singer/songwriter J-Eye has done just that, developing his own sound which is far from the cliché tunes we’ve come to expect from Hip-Hop artists.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, J-Eye combines rhyming and singing on his tracks with upbeat production and catchy hooks. His single “I Get Around” has made its rounds on the Internet and his appearances at showcases throughout New York City have set him up nicely to collaborate with the likes of Swizz Beats and DJ Webstar.
Set to release a movie and soundtrack entitled The 25th Hour as well as a new mixtape, Déjà Vu: Back 2 the Future Vol. 1, J-Eye is raising the bar high in ‘09. If that’s not enough the singer/songwriter is lining up international tour dates in Europe, Asia and Africa. It may be too early to say, but definitely not impossible, that J-Eye is a global superstar in the making. We interviewed the budding star about his projects and music – check out what he had to say.

Javi: What’s good J-Eye? Tell the readers where you are from.
J-Eye: I’m from the home of champions, Brooklyn, New York.
Javi: That what it is; that makes two of us. Tell us, when did you discover your passion for music?
J-Eye: I was like 12 or 13 years old when I went to my first Bobby Brown concert. I saw how he captivated the audience with his performance. I was really inspired from that experience.
Javi: Cool. What came first for you, writing music or performing it?
J-Eye: Writing and production music came first.
Javi: Ok, now you recently won Hot 97’s Monday Night Talent Showcase hosted by That Kid Monse, which was a good look. How has that benefitted you?
J-Eye: Well besides it being a very good networking opportunity there was a cash prize for the winner. Also as a result of winning that showcase, I won an opportunity to collaborate with DJ Webstar and Swizz Beatz. Webstar, get at me!
Javi: You are also set to perform at a Hot 97 sponsored “5 Boroughs Tour.” Tell us what that is about.
J-Eye: It actually is being sponsor by Thisis50.com and G-Unit. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and MOP have been confirmed. We are finalizing all the logistics now. Aside from that tour, my band and myself are doing spot dates throughout the country and are planning to go overseas in the fall. Be sure to look at my Myspace page, Myspace.com/jeyemusic, to check out when I’ll be in your area.
Javi: Now aside from your performances you also have a new mixtape called The 25th Hour. How would you define it?
J-Eye: Well my 25th Hour mixtape is actually the soundtrack to my movie trailer entitled The 25th Hour, which can be seen at Youtube.com/jeyevideos. I would define it as a body of work that takes you through the daily life of an individual that has important decisions to make. Choosing a path in life sometimes isn’t the easiest thing to do and both the soundtrack and trailer walk you through a series of events that display just that.
J-Eye BigsJavi: How has that project been received by fans? Where can we buy it?
J-Eye: People have really been supportive of both the soundtrack and movie trailer for The 25th Hour. They can’t wait to see the actual movie, which is in production right now, but for now the soundtrack can be downloaded for free at Myspace.com/jeyemusic and the trailer can be seen there as well.
Javi: You had an early encounter with producer extraordinaire Timbaland that provided a clear view of what is needed to succeed in the music industry. Can you talk about your experience?
J-Eye: Well I was in M.I.A. working with Tim on an Interscope project. The experience was crazy. It really helped me as an artist and producer. He gave me great insight on how to make hit records and what it takes to be successful at reaching the world through music.
Javi: What do you have lined up for the rest of the year?
J-Eye: The rest of this year I’m going to continue to be on my grind: shows, interviews and always creating new music. Like I said before, we are putting together an international tour so look out for me in Europe, Asia and Africa. This May I’m dropping a new mixtape entitled Déjà Vu: Back 2 the Future Vol. 1 – look out for that as well, it will definitely be something to rock out to this summer. Also we are finishing 25th Hour the movie, so if you can act get at me [laughs]. My Myspace page is updated daily so that is the best place to be kept up-to-date with everything I’m working on. Sign up for the email list while you’re there as well.
Javi: Any last words?
J-Eye: Yea man. Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview. My One Way Entertainment andWelcome to HitLand Productionz family – shout out to ya for grinding it out with me. Also thanks to all the DJs and fans out there supporting me and my single “I Get Around.” Stay tuned for more shows, upcoming releases and my album Welcome to HitLand coming this Fall. Stay updated on everything J-EyE by following me on Twitter at Twitter.com/jeyemusic and at Myspace.com/jeyemusic. Become a believer – one love.