Tale of Two Record Labels

Perusing the web today I found this cool article on indie vs major label benefits. Check this out:

Tale of Two Record Labels
by Coolfer

While journalists tend to latch onto the portrait of the record label as technophobic morons (which has been right only part of the time) there are occasional opposing opinions in the news. At the very end of Sunday's NY Times article on U2, guitarist The Edge speaks of the value of the record label.

"My instinct is to stick with the record guys. They have to sell your records or sell the downloads, whatever it ends up being. To do that, first of all you’ve got to love and understand the music, and right now I’m not seeing any group that rivals the record labels on that front."

And said Bono:

"I’m interested in commerce. The excuse for bigness is that songs demand to be heard if they’re any good. And without the kind of momentum of being in a big rock ’n’ roll band, you won’t get your songs heard."

A more typical and frequently heard opinion is in this very good career-spanning look at Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails).

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