Billion | 21+ Magazine - Article, Interview & More

May 2008 Issue - 21+ Magazine is tossing you a hip hop curve ball this season. Latin sensation Billion has intermixed his own touch into the hip hop world bringing hip hop lovers from Miami to NYC beats that are unheard of!

At only a year old, Billion came into the hot and steamy world of Miami and fell in love with the hip hop culture. Like most, Billion fell into the fast life of Miami streets, and although it isn’t something he was proud of, it was his reality.

Listening to artists such as Wu Tang and Jay Z, Billion also found his voice in music and used his passion to get him to where he is today, and off of the streets.

It wasn’t long before Billion was making beats with his own group called South P.O.E. At only 16 years old, he developed a musical relationship with his cousin Lucky Luck, and the now deceased, Endo.

And although his cousin has gone to make music history of his own, they have come together to bring us the new album I-95 Highway Ridin. 

“It felt like a reunion.” Billion said when asked what it was like collaborating old friends to produce his new art. The hip hop artists has proven to be very family and friend oriented since he sees himself continuing to make music with his family and friends in the future to promote his and their talent as a whole.

Berrios plans on going on tour with I-95 Highway Ridin’ fairly soon, traveling throughout NYC and hopefully working his way back home to Miami. And although those two locations are his primary, he does plan on traveling throughout the country, but is just taking on one place at a time.

There is no current love in the 27 year olds life so ladies, line up! Just joking! Ladies you can line up, but Billion is married to his music currently.

- Shaniqua Clark